An AI Replacement for the 45th President's Twitter

The recent decision by Twitter to cancel the 45th President's twitter account created a gaping hole in our collective imagination. Over fifty thousand of the greatest moments in social media history, gone. No longer will we receive his daily remarks and reactions to the issues of the day. So, in order to bring back the magic of the cultural phenomenon that was the president's twitter, we decided to build a replacement using an AI trained on all seven years of his tweets, including some of the more obscure and underground, deleted-for-legal-reasons ones that slipped under our radars. We hope that this AI may reproduce the vigor and vitality of the president's messages, and can continue to bring a smile to our faces for years to come.

You can generate a completely random tweet, or you can write your own message and have @totallyrealdonaldtrump respond to it (but no guarantees that it isn't still completely random). Try typing different things in to get @TotallyRealDonaldTrump's thoughts on anything and everything under the sun, just like the real president.

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Totally Real Donald Trump
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Sleepy Joe Biden cannot change his past and will only give more Democrat votes to the Radical Left!